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Publicado: 2015-10-19

Foro Foro Necesito Ayuda para mi Proyecto de Proyectos fin de carrera


"Our ability to ftifhaully persevere will be directly influenced by our pursuit of the revelation of the knowledge of God in the pages of His living Word."Thank you Lisa for an excellent article! I'm glad you chose to write on this doctrine and the title you've chosen is so fitting.I find the Sovereignty of God to be THE most comforting of all doctrines in Scripture. As we say often around our house, "Life is hard and then you die". This is true for believers and non believers alike. But oh! The refuge the believer can take knowing He's the blessed controller of it all!And how beautifully you summed it up:"His Word tells me He is good, that His mercy endures forever, that He works all things according to His will for our good and His glory, that He has a purpose and a plan. There are no surprises to Him. I can trust Him no matter my situation. What grace!"God bless you today sister!

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